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Ian Sacke Accounting Services (ISAS) is a full service accounting and tax company. Estalished in 2001, ISAS proudly serves South Africa's entrepreneurs, small business owners and private clients. Lead by our CEO and founder, Mr Ian Sacke, ISAS has gone from strength to strength as we draw on and implement knowledge gained from over 16 years in accounting and business development services.

Imagine a world in which SMME’s could partner with an entrepreneurial accountant, who came packaged with substantial corporate experience. Imagine global standards and best practices came with a small business price tag.  Well stop imagining - because Ian Sacke Accounting Services (ISAS) is exactly that.

Founded by Mr Ian Sacke, a practising accountant and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries (ACIS), with a vision to support and develop the future of the local economy – entrepreneurs and small businesses – ISAS is the successful consolidation of 16 years of skills and service excellence in corporate accounting.

Local businesses will benefit substantially from Ian’s knowledge of company accounting, financial management and financial directorship. With a successful career under his belt, Ian’s true growth, however, sprung from the harsh economic climate of the early 2000’s.

Ian is no stranger to the words that employees fear most: downsizing; and retrenchment. Always knowing that he was not a corporate conformist by nature, Ian Sacke turned a crisis around and embraced his entrepreneurial spirit, and, ISAS was born.

His “the buck starts and stops with me” promise offers his client base total peace of mind, while his values of adaptability, authenticity and accountability are the foundation from which ISAS has succeeded and from which his client’s businesses flourish.

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Meet Ian Sacke

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IAN SACKE ACCOUNTING SERVICES is a highly competent and experienced company, specialising in a wide range of tax and accounting services, both personal and business. IAN SACKE ACCOUNTING SERVICES have given us exemplary financial guidance over many years, with our thanks and appreciation, and are highly recommended.

Megan Hall

Director, Vala Moya (Pty) Ltd.

Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend Ian Sacke Accounting Services.

Ian Sacke Accounting Services has been with our company, as an outsourced accounting service since October 2014. As we’ve grown we have retained Ian’s service due to a number of factors as listed below:

  • Ian’s response time is almost immediate.
  • Ian as well as ourselves prefer to meet in person and have one on one meetings and we prefer his one on one interaction style.
  • Ian looks to and resolves not only company matters urgently but also attends to all SARS matters as well.
  • We are pretty much old school in thinking, practice, policies and hard work, of which we see in Ian and his company.

Clinton Yung Fah – CEO H&M Flooring

Join the ISAS family and experience financial fitness today.

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09:00 - 17:00 : Monday to Friday

+27 (0)11 453 4847 

​​​​​​​St Andrews Garden Villas, Bedfordview